About the company

Our company offers consulting and advisory services in the field of hydrogeology, geothermal energy, emergency planning and industrial safety. We actively participate in research projects in geology, energy engineering and specialized software tools development.

ISATech s.r.o. was founded in early 2000 as a consulting company based in Pardubice with its offices on the premises of SYNPO a.s. Since 2002, the company has a regional office in an administrative complex in Prague 7.

 In the field of industrial safety, ISATech s.r.o. is a company authorized for risk assessment, preparation and updating of safety reports, emergency plans and consulting services.  Our experts hold the certificate of professional competence “Specialist in the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents" under the Act on the Prevention of Major Accidents (128/2015 Zz. SR).

In geology, we rely on experienced professionals with the certificate of professional competence in economic geology, remediation geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and exploration of geological structure under the Act on Geological Work (62/1988 Sb.). Since 2004, company experts have been involved in several research projects. 

We provide consulting and advisory services in all areas of our business in accordance with the applicable legislation of the European Union also outside the Czech Republic. Our foreign activities are most prominent in Slovakia.

Company news

Company news

14 Aug 2018Inspection of boreholes and bore wells We have expanded our services offer. Newly, we offer an inspection of boreholes with color optical camera...