Inspections of boreholes

and bored wells using a TV camera

We provide the inspection of the borehole shaft using colour optical camera which is suitable to the maximum depth of 700 m. Due to its small diameter, the camera can easily pass also through damaged sections of boreholes.

The camera can provide side and downward view of the borehole. In addition, a motorized unit can provide side panoramic view with an overlap (400 degrees in total). Compass-oriented combination of the side and downward view provide perfectly localised and perspective visualization of the borehole walls.

The result of the inspection is always a video recording with a description report focused in accordance with the initial specifications. The customer can ask for detailed interpretation of the recording, again in accordance with the initial specifications.

Technical parameters
Maximum depth                                                                                                           700 m (cca 2300 ft) 
Minimum borehole diameter 76 mm mm (cca 3 in)



Company news

Company news

14 Aug 2018Inspection of boreholes and bore wells We have expanded our services offer. Newly, we offer an inspection of boreholes with color optical camera...